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3 FAQs About Sharpening Your Ice Skates

Randolph, Morris County
3 FAQs About Sharpening Your Ice Skates, Randolph, New Jersey

With fall just beginning, ice skating season is just getting underway. But whether you’re new to the activity or a seasonal skater, taking proper care of your ice skates is vital for your safety. As Aspen Ice of Randolph, NJ, explains, the sharper your skates, the lower your chances of falling. Many public skating rinks offer sharpening services, so don’t forget to sharpen them before your lesson.

Knowing when to get your ice skates sharpened may take a little trial and error, especially for those who don’t regularly skate. Take a look at a few frequently asked questions to help you get a better understanding.

Why Should I Sharpen My Ice Skates?

ice skating lessonsDull skates often result in a tumble. When the blade isn’t sharp enough to cut into the ice, turns are more difficult to make and stability is greatly decreased. Have your skates professionally sharpened before your ice skating lessons—you’ll find it easier to learn new techniques, too.

When Should I Sharpen My Skates?

For those who are new to figure skating, it can be difficult to determine when your skates are too dull. Normally, ice skates should be sharpened after about five to 10 hours of use, but sometimes it depends on your personal preference. If you’re not sure, just ask the staff at Aspen Ice.

Where Can I Get Them Sharpened?

ice skating lessonsAs mentioned earlier, just about every public skating rink provides convenient sharpening services. If you suspect your blades are dull or this is the first time you’re setting foot in a skating rink this season, ask the staff to sharpen the skates. Aspen Ice wants every person to enjoy their experience and will gladly look over your skates.

The more you use your skates, the easier it will be to determine when it’s time to get them sharpened. Learn more about caring for your ice skates and sign up for ice skating lessons at Aspen Ice. Call (973) 927-9122 with any questions, and visit their website, Facebook or Twitter pages for additional ice skating tips.