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3 Reasons to Sign Your Child Up for Ice Hockey

Randolph, Morris County
3 Reasons to Sign Your Child Up for Ice Hockey, Randolph, New Jersey

Ice hockey requires strength, skill, and strategy, and it’s a sport many people have fallen in love with. The coaches and staff at Aspen Ice in Randolph, NJ, all agree learning how to play and practicing ice hockey benefits young children and seasoned pros alike in many ways.

If your child is ready to sign up for an organized sport, here are three reasons why ice hockey is a great option:

  • Physical Exercise: Watch a professional ice hockey game, and you’ll notice the players alternating between intensely skating across the rink and resting in place, waiting for their opportunity to move the puck or make a block. This kind of cardiovascular activity is known as interval training, and it’s a great way to improve the cardiovascular system while getting in shape. So not only is ice hockey fun, it’ll give your child a fantastic way to get the exercise they need to be healthy.
  • ice hockeyCharacter Building: Ice hockey is a team sport, and players quickly learn that if they want to succeed, they need to value teamwork. Ice hockey teaches cooperation, trust, and sportsmanship—three qualities that follow children into adulthood. It’s a sport that promotes self-confidence, stress management, and other beneficial life lessons.
  • It’s Fun: When your child picks up their stick and gets on the ice for the first time, they’re not going to be thinking about building their character or getting exercise. They’re going to be thinking about having fun with their new friends while they all work together to improve their skills. The best part of ice hockey is kids don’t even realize how beneficial the sport is to their health because they’re caught up in the joy of the game.

The Cross-Ice Hockey Program at Aspen Ice caters to beginners and teaches the basic skills of the sport. It’s a youth hockey program that focuses on keeping physical development fun. Got a more advanced player in the family? Aspen Ice’s leagues offer opportunities for all skill levels. Sign your child up for ice hockey by calling (973) 927-9122, or visit Aspen Ice online for more information.