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3 Reasons Why it’s not too Late for Ice Skating Lessons

If you’ve always wanted to learn to ice skate, it’s not too late. Don’t give up on ice skating lessons because you are an adult. Ice skating is a great sport to begin, no matter your age. Randolph, NJ’s, Aspen Iceshares three reasons to put on your skates and hit the ice.

Taking ice skating lessons is a great idea no matter how old you are and here is why:

  • Exercise: Especially during the winter months, ice skating is a fun way to get moving. Finding motivation to hit the gym during the dark, cold months is tough. Ice skating burns those calories and helps you avoid the winter exercise blues. It also provides an aerobic workout that strengthens your heart and lungs and boosts circulation while improving balance and coordination.Ice skating lessons
  • Mental Health: Learning a new skill like figure skating challenges your mind. Your mental acuity improves as your confidence in every new skill increases. It also helps improve focus and memory as you practice skills from one lesson to the next.
  • Quality Time: Ice skating with friends and family is a great way to spend quality time together. It’s an activity that can keep everyone moving while having fun. In an age of technology, ice skating is an easy way to get everyone up and out of the house, away from the daily distractions and stress.

Aspen Ice is Randolph’s ice skating rink for families and friends to gather and enjoy an evening of skating. The rink also provides ice skating lessons, as well as ice hockey programs for local youths, run by friendly, knowledgeable instructors. They offer skaters refreshments at their snack bar to refuel between skating classes and public skating sessions, as well. Visit them online for more information or give them a call at (973) 927-9122.