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Aspen Ice Explains the Health Benefits of Figure Skating

Like any sport, figure skating offers a host of benefits for the mind and body. In addition to general physical fitness, it also improves coordination and releases endorphins, which keep you feeling calm and happy. Studies show that daily exercise even helps improve academic performance. At Aspen Ice in Randolph, New Jersey, ice skating and hockey lessons provide an excellent way for kids to learn a skill, improve their physical fitness, and have fun all at once.

5 Health Benefits of Figure Skating

1. Strengthens Leg Muscles

figure skatingFigure skating requires a lot of legwork to glide and turn across the ice. In turn, a strong lower body provides the perfect foundation for a variety of other sports.

2. Balance & Flexibility

Like dance and gymnastics, figure skating requires strength, balance, and flexibility. Not only do these qualities result in a graceful presence on the ice, but they also contribute to total body fitness. With a bit of figure skating training, you can perform a number of other activities with agility and ease.

3. Flexible Joints

By strengthening your knees and working various supportive muscles in the legs, figure skating is far more beneficial for the joints than cycling and running.

4. Cardio & Weight Management

From the cool air of the rink to the excitement of learning a new trick, figure skating is the surest way to get your kids off the couch and moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

5. Mental Well-Being

Figure skating doesn’t just offer physical benefits. Exercise can also improve mental health by providing stress relief and improving focus. When your kids are more relaxed, they will excel in school and come home feeling happier.

Figure skating is a well-rounded, exhilarating workout that provides the health benefits of vigorous exercise as well as an outlet for children to express themselves. If you or your little ones are ready to hit the rink, call Aspen Ice in Randolph, NJ at (973) 927-9122. To learn more about ice skating lessons, visit the website.