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From Beginner to Advanced, Aspen Ice Has Fall Ice Skating Lessons for Everyone

Aspen Ice
September 10, 2016 9:00AM – October 30, 2016 9:00PM
From Beginner to Advanced, Aspen Ice Has Fall Ice Skating Lessons for Everyone, Randolph, New Jersey

Ice skating is a fun American pastime that every kid should learn to enjoy. If you’re in the Randolph, NJ, area, the best place for ice skating lessons is Aspen Ice. The local ice skating rink teaches children and adults of all ages how to skate like a pro—whether you’re looking to learn the basics or it’s your dream to become a figure skater or hockey player. With fantastic skating teachers and a gorgeous ice skating rink, everyone can master this skill, and now is the perfect time to register for Aspen Ice’s fall ice skating lessons.

ice skating rinkIce skating lessons are every Saturday and Sunday, starting September 10 through October 30. Each program is broken down by age group, and within each age bracket, the levels slowly progress. Every ice skating lesson teaches skills in basic coordination, balance, and movement that makes it fun and exciting for everyone. Aspen Ice even offers daytime classes to preschoolers and homeschoolers. These classes are available on Wednesdays, but times vary based on skill level and the age of your child.

The ice skating staff will ensure each student has proven and demonstrated the necessary skills to progress to the next level. Each skater is evaluated and given a thorough progress report at the end of each ice skating lesson. This lets them know how they’ve excelled and where they can improve, making sure they are comfortable with the level and pace of the lessons.

If you’re interested in registering online for Aspen Ice’s fall ice skating lessons, visit their online registration page. If you have any questions about ice skating lessons, don’t hesitate to call (973) 927-9122. To view a full list of programs and lessons, visit the website.