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Head to NJ’s Best Ice Skating Rink to Learn the Basics of Skating

If you’re looking for an activity that combines pure fun with real exercise, ice skating is perfect for you and your family. Luckily, even if you’ve never stepped foot in an ice skating rink, you can pick up the basic skills you need pretty quickly. For those who want expert advice to help them truly develop their abilities, the team at Aspen Ice, in Randolph, NJ, also offers ice hockey and ice skating lessons.

For those just beginning to learn ice skating, they have the following advice:

  • Dress Sensibly: While you should dress warmly when you head to the ice skating rink, keep in mind that this is an intense form of exercise, and, as such, you should wear clothes that will be comfortable if you end up sweating a little. You should also make sure your clothing restricts your movement as little as possible.Ice-Skating-Rink-Randolp-NJ
  • Buy Skate Guards & Practice Walking In Skates: Skate guards can be applied to the blades of your skates, making it safer to walk in them. Find a surface area in the ice skating rink where you can practice walking for a few minutes before heading out onto the ice. You want to get as comfortable as possible in your skates first.
  • Start Slowly: When you do start to skate, stay toward the outside wall at first, so you have a spot you can lean on for support should you need to. Keep your legs spread out, focus on learning balance, and slowly work your way up to greater speed.

If you want to learn more, consider taking ice skating lessons at Aspen Ice. This ice skating rink isn’t just a great place to hang out with friends—it’s also the perfect place to learn a new skill. Visit them online to learn more about classes, or call (973) 927-9122.