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Ice Skating Rink Shares Tips for Improving Your Ice Skating Skills

If you want to be an ice skater, then Aspen Ice in Randolph, NJ, recommends taking ice skating lessons and developing a practice schedule. This will allow you to become more comfortable on the ice, thus making it easier to build upon your strengths and improve your weaknesses. At their ice skating rink, you can drop by on a weekend afternoon to practice your balance and coordination, or enroll in their summer camp or youth hockey program to take your skating game up a notch or two.

In addition to practicing, check out these other tips for improving your skating skills while visiting an ice skating rink:

  • Keep Your Head Up: Even if your natural instinct is to focus on your skates, it’s crucial that you lift up your head and keep your eyes focused on what’s in front of you. This will prevent accidents and protect you from injuries.
  • Lace Up Correctly: Once you’ve found a pair of quality skates that fit correctly, tie your laces the right way. Tying them too tight can make your feet go numb, while keeping them too loose could cause damage to your ankles.
  • ice skating rinkWarm Up & Stretch: Just like with any physical activity or athletic sport, any trip to the skating rink should start with stretching out your muscles.
  • Avoid Leaning Backwards: When you’re out on the rink, try your best to remain in a crouching position with your body leaning slightly forward. Leaning backward increases the chances of you falling.
  • Learn How to Stop: This is ice skating 101—when you’re going too fast or need to stop, turn your toes inward with your ankles facing out, so that you slow down and eventually come to a stop.

From a leisure visit to the ice skating rink to a summer filled with skating lessons, spending time on the ice will only make you better with time. To learn more Aspen Ice, call (973) 927-9122 or visit them online.