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The Learn to Play Summer Camp is one of the best ways for a hockey player to learn the most important skating skills to succeed in any hockey program! On the ice, all skaters will be split up based on age and skating ability. Skaters will then rotate between instructors to work on skating skills such as, forward strides, backward skating, power skating, stopping, crossovers, and much more! After working on skating skills, players will be able to focus on stick handing, passing and shooting with an instructor.  At the end of each day, there will be a scrimmages. Off the ice, players will learn how to dress and undress themselves! They will not only learn how to put the gear on, they will learn the correct order of getting it all on. Players will also be able to join their friends in games and activities indoors and outdoors!

LTP Camp – $300 Lunch Package – $35

July 10-14th
Aug 14-18th

8:15am to 2:15pm

Coaching Staff
Taylor Koze
Sean Mertens
Sean Lishwa
Anthony Levite

Full Hockey Gear Required

Please contact Linda Keane with any questions at Once registered, we require that medical forms be submitted for each child. The forms can be form can be found on the Aspen Ice website,