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What Is Freestyle Figure Skating? Aspen Ice Explains

Figure skating is an exhilarating, skill-based sport as well as an inexhaustible pastime for all ages to enjoy. At Aspen Icelocated in the heart of Randolph, NJ—they offer a broad range of opportunities to lace up. Whether you’re looking for dedicated lessons or a bit of exercise for the day, you can enjoy everything from clean rental skates to a pristine rink at this top-tier facility. Often times, skaters will notice the term “freestyle skating” on the calendar. Interestingly enough, the term has multiple meanings in the figure skating world!

figure skatingAt a rink like Aspen Ice, the term “freestyle skating” refers to open skating hours, as well as sessions reserved for skaters with a bit of experience. While a freestyle skate may not be suitable for a beginner, it’s the perfect opportunity for intermediate and advanced skaters to slice up the ice with practice moves of their choice.

In addition to open skate sessions for advanced skaters, freestyle figure skating also refers to a skater who hits the ice solo—as opposed to skating with a partner. As a freestyle skater who competes and practices by themselves, there is less focus on team dance skills and challenging lifts. Instead, freestyle skaters turn their focus to individual leaps and spin moves. If an ice skating rink permits “free skating” like Aspen Ice, you’ll have the treat of seeing these advanced skaters master their craft.

If you live in the Randolph, NJ, area and are looking for a fun way to get your heart pumping or engage the entire family, call Aspen Ice at (973) 927-9122 to speak with a helpful member of their team today. They’ll be happy to offer information about ice skating lessons and free skate hours. For more information on this celebrated local ice skating rink, visit them online.