The Benefits of Cross-Ice Hockey

Pre-Requisite: Learn to Play – Level Four or Evaluation by Aspen Ice Skating Professional

With so little access to possessing the puck, spending less time on the ice between shifting positions, and having difficulty reaching the goal, full ice play doesn’t work for the kids.

When under 8 players play cross ice hockey, they spend a lot more time playing and handling the puck. Because the game moves much faster in the smaller ice, the players learn to make quick decisions. Cross-ice hockey isn’t just different from traditional hockey because of the size of the playing area. The games are played with or without a goalie and have a much smaller net.

Because there can be 3 games going at the same time, 36 players can be on the ice at the same time playing, meaning fewer kids sitting out. This method allows kids to play against different people, helping them learn more defensive and offensive techniques. The small goal helps players develop shooting techniques and precision.